Avci Wing Tsun is a largely unarmed kung fu style focused on practical self-defense, using kicks, punches, knee and elbow techniques, throws and levers. Avci WingTsun is thus one of the few martial arts that encompasses all phases of unarmed combat: Kicking, fist, elbow/knee, and in-fight distance, as well as fighting on the ground. Through the systematic reflex and feeling training Chi-Sao („sticking hands“) automatic reactions to touch stimuli are trained.Advantages of this reflex action controlled by the sense of touch are the enormous speed, the functional reliability and the low age-related decline. When attacked, the forces acting on the arms or legs trigger immediate counter-techniques that use the opponent’s strength.

Those who practice Chi-Sao have great physical flexibility and can successfully defend themselves even against physically superior opponents. However, until the reflexes practiced in Chi-Sao are applicable, it requires intensive and systematic training. Therefore, at the beginning of WingTsun training, basic kicking, punching, leverage, throwing and ground techniques are taught in order to achieve as quickly as possible a „defensive ability“ of the students.